Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due …

Photographer Maureen Sargent ... photo by Mary Peacock
Photographer Maureen Sargent ... photo by Mary Peacock

 Recently, almost at the last minute, it became clear to me, that I wouldn`t be able to wiggle out of a previous commitment, and be able to take pictures for this year`s Dancing with the Dedham Stars.

 For the past two years, I have been fortunate to have worked alongside Dedham`s Dimitria Sullivan, along with “dozens” of talented dancers, divas, and stars – writing promo material and taking the necessary photos to accompany it.

 Calmly, I sat at my desk and began to think of a “replacement.” In this day and age, anyone/everyone can “take” a picture (my own daughter Kara has wowed me with her work) – but I needed someone who could “get” a picture.

 In one capacity or another, I have been a photographer for over 30 years. I`ve worked in the music industry, done tons of promotional work, and have been flown around the country to take pictures. For the better part of the last decade though, I`ve been taking pictures right here around town.

 Last Fall, my son Corey began playing soccer with a new group of teammates. I had the opportunity to meet some new, very nice parents. One that came right to mind was Maureen Kelley Sargent, whose husband Eric owns the Masters Self Defense Center in Oakdale Sq. Last Fall, Maureen began dedicating more of her time to becoming a photographer, and her work has been solid.

 So I asked myself, what better way to gain some experience, than by taking pictures… hundreds upon hundreds of them for that matter!  After a quick phone call, followed by a series of e-mails, Maureen “agreed” to become the official photographer for the 2014 Dancing with the Dedham Stars.

 On such short notice, she didn`t have much time to prepare, or to get too nervous for that matter! Just by looking at her work these past few months, I knew that Maureen “had the eye” and would be just fine.

 As the event drew to a close, pictures began to spring up on social media. By Monday, “hundreds” of photos had been posted and shared on-line by folks all over Town. As my daughter announced, “it looks like there`s a new sheriff in town” – it became apparent to me, that not only had I made the right choice for someone to cover me, it was time to “pass the torch.”

 Maureen Sargent had not only taken my advice, getting the pictures she needed to show the evening, she took her camera and that special talent to bring it to the next level. I couldn`t be more proud…

 As for Dancing with the Stars, there had been some “talk” that perhaps it was time to put this “on the shelf” and think of something else. Well, forget about it! Anytime you can make “celebrities” out of some of our local residents, while raising “tens of thousands” of dollars for our schools – you keep at it!

 While this year`s dancers (Alex, Cheryl, Judy, Shawn, Jim and Tom) worked hard rehearsing and fundraising for weeks, Dimitria Sullivan works just as hard or harder for months, making sure that this yearly extravaganza goes off without a hitch!

 I wouldn`t replace Moseley`s on the Charles, Bob Coughlin on the mic, Rob Blaney on the turntables, Carmen Dello Iacono, Paul Munchbach, Bob Stanley or the “dozens” of other volunteers that make this night such a success!!!  Once again, Congratulations to Ms. Maureen Sargent for stepping up to the plate and showing an old dog, new tricks…

Story by: Joe Kilroy

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