Get Out: 5 Things to Do in the Dedham Area This Weekend, Birthday Concert, Fun 4 Kids, and More

A roundup of events and activities in and around town.

It's Thursday, and you say you've got no plans this weekend? 

No problem, we're here to help. Below is a roundup of what's happening in and around town this weekend, Friday through Sunday.


Where/When: Paradise Cafe, 565 High Street, Dedham at 8:00 p.m.

Why Go: Award winning contemporary folk singer/songwriter Terry Kitchen celebrates his birthday with a concert featuring special guests Tom Smith, Dawn Kenney, Rebecca Lynch, Deede Bergeron and Brice Buchanan.

Price: FREE


Where/When: Dedham Community Theatre, 580 High Street, Dedham

Why Go: Join them for a special one time screening of Mulholland Dr. on Friday, September 7th at 11:15pm, as we begin our journey back in time through Lynch's spectacularly surreal catalog.

Price: $6


Where/When: The Dedham Community House, 671 High Street, Dedham

Why Go: Participants will gain improvement in posture and overall muscle tone.  Yoga and pilates unite in this contemporary workout.  Get the best of both worlds in one class.  Please bring a mat and block to class.  Yoga straps are a great addition to this class, but not mandatory.

Price: $80

4. Fun For Kids, Presents "Character Day"

Where/When: Dedham Pool Field, 1 Recreation Road from 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Why Go: live entertainment (1:30 magic show,2:30 Dance Performance), carnival games, face painting, bouncy house, DJ, laser tag, arts & crafts, obstacle course, and Dedham Patch will be there!  Come dressed as your favorite character costume!

Price: $5.00 per person available day of the event


Where/When: 626 High Street, Dedham at 10a.m.

Why Go:  All the food you would want in one place!

Price: FREE to attend.


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