Dedham Square Construction Update, September 10

Here is your weekly update on The Dedham Square Project.

According to the contractors, construction on the northerly side of High Street from Washington Street to Court Street will begin.  The sidewalk will be closed for up to three weeks, and eight on-street parking spots will be unavailable.

The reconstruction of the Keystone Parking Lot wall is scheduled to continue this week. Approximately 250 feet of sidewalk adjacent to the retaining wall from Eastern Avenue, to the Route 1 bridge overpass will be closed for four to eight weeks.

The existing five parking spaces near the easterly half of the retaining wall currently under construction, will be unavailable for approximately three to four weeks during the construction. The back row of parking in the rear of the lot will be coned off and unavailable for up to three weeks while work is being done in that area.

Telling it like it is September 12, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Any Dedham resident that wants to see how their hard earned is being used absolutely must go through the square now. Their a 5 cops working a detail in the center of town. For 10 minutes I watched them do nothing. Two of them had their backs turned to traffic, leaning on the electrical box having a leisurely talk. Two more had their arms folded on the side of the road standing lifeless. While the 5th one talked with the construction workers. All the while with his back to traffic. For ten minutes I watched and they did NOTHING. This is not police work. This is STEALING peoples hard earned money by another public sector union. And I find it outrageous that these cops have the balls to do this in plain sight of taxpayers.
Jack September 12, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Is it the cops fault, or the town's for hiring the details... Think about it...


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