Dedham Man Causing a Ruckus in Brookline

Konstantinos Marmandis, of Dedham, was arrested and charged for armed robbery in Brookline.

Police were sent to a monastery on Warren Street, where a man was reportedly inside, waving a flashlight threateningly, yelling and demanding his money--according to a witness.The man was identified as Konstantino Marmandis, 50, of Dedham.

When police tried to speak with him, he refused to put his flashlight down, and started walking toward one of the two officers. Perceiving the approach as aggressive, the officer struck Marmandis in the hand with his baton, knocking the flashlight to the ground. Police then took control of him and walked him out of the monastery. 

Officers learned he had been at the church earlier in the week and donated some money, a large gift which was initially turned down, but ultimately accepted by the church. 

Marmandis was arrested and charged with home invasion, armed robbery, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon (the flashlight), and was transported to Beth Israel hospital for treatment to his hand.


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