Dedham Resident Continues to Give Despite No Internet Connection

Ron Johnston takes to his checkbook to donate to local charities and fundraisers.

Credit: File photo.
Credit: File photo.

Ron Johnston may not have a computer or internet connection, but that's not stopping the 76-year Dedham resident from helping those in need. 

Instead of donating money online to charities through a wide variety of fundraising websites available, Johnston, who spent 55 years int he grocery store business that include 30 years at Roche Bros. in West Roxbury, chooses to pull out his checkbook, according to the Boston Herald

Johnston recently wrote out a check to the Furbush Children's Fund to benefit two Canton children who's parents died three months apart. The recent effort is an example of how the local resident, who also does not own a cell phone, writes checks for various causes, according to the Herald.  

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