Patch Picks: 5 Cheap Eats in Dedham

Want to find a great restaurant to grab a cheap bit to eat? We've got you covered.

Everyone’s trying to save a buck these days, but that concept can be a tough one when you’re trying to provide a night out for the family.

In the spirit of saving money on food, while also properly satisfying those hunger pains, we want to know the best cheap eats in town as part of this week's Patch Picks.

Here are five places in Dedham where you can get a great meal for under $15:

  •  has a wide selection of great dinner food. In addition to their by-the-pound salad (and dessert!) bar, you'll find burritos, sandwiches and sushi for you to enjoy.
  • serves up delicious and fresh burgers and fries to satisfy your palate every day. For about $15, you can fill up on a burger, fries and a drink.
  • is a prime spot to pool your $15 with friends or family and go for a great Italian family-style meal. 
  •  brings steak and turkey tips plus several seafood dishes for under $15. For a bit more, grab a pint with some buddies.
  • because who isn't in the mood for breakfast for dinner? A great way to cap off a long day - and not break the piggy bank.


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