Museum of Bad Art Loses Space Due to Theater Renovations

State Representative and Dedham Community Theatre owner, Paul McMurtry, is turning the space into another screening room.


The Museum of Bad Art will lose its space in The Dedham Community Theatre due to the renovation plans for the space, The Boston Globe reports.

“It was done a little abruptly; we should have had a sendoff party,” theater owner, Paul McMurtry, told The Globe. “But we’re turning the basement into another screening room.”

McMurtry donated the free space for the museum in 1996. But McMurtry wants to focus on the improvements of the theater.

“We’re reevaluating every square inch of the space," he said. "Because of the limited space, we want to focus on screens first.”

The renovations have not started yet, but the theater will get an additional screen, a better sound system and other "small modifications", according to theater employee Ted Costopoulos.


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