How Much Money Does it Take to Raise a Family in Dedham?

The answer may surprise you.

In Massachusetts, a family of four with two school-aged children needs to earn nearly $68,976 to make ends meet without public or private assistance, according to a study released Thursday by the Crittenton Women's Union.

In Dedham, that number is slightly higher—$76,152. This amount includes rent, utilities, food, transportation, healthcare and personal needs. 

According to the Boston Globe, the gap between earnings and cost of living is increasing because of increased costs, no raises at work and a higher required level of education. Although the cost of living for a single-mother-headed household is high, they are not the only ones having trouble. Crittendon Women's Union's study noted four in 10 two-parent homes also struggle to succeed in the state.

“You get into what our families sometimes call the gerbil wheel,” Elisabeth Babcock, president of Crittenton, told the Boston Globe. “They’re working at low-paying jobs. Minimum wage doesn’t begin to cover the costs of supporting a family, and the only way they can earn enough is by getting more education."

“But they don’t know how they can manage to do that when they’re already working and taking care of their kids,” she said.

Do you think the cost of living in Dedham, according to the report, is accurate? Tell us in the comments. 


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