Enriching Dedham Youth Through Robotics

The Dedham Recreation Department wanted to create more programs that would not only allow the youth to be creative, but to also spark an interest in the sciences.


The Dedham Parks and Recreation Department is always finding new ways to educate the youth of Dedham through sports and the arts.

But for Assistant Director Debbie Anderson, she felt that there was something missing, she wanted to see programs that dealt with science.  That's when she got together with Carl Geden, an engineer and science teacher, to create a robotics program.

"I wanted to expand our enrichment programs," Anderson said. "That was one of the areas I wanted to hit for the kids."

And Geden was excited about the program because he enjoys teaching kids engineering. He feels that there are not enough people encouraging students to enter the field.

"I want to provide an introduction to trigger their minds so they can say 'ah I can do that'," Geden said. "This program gets kids excited about engineering and science."

The class will conclude on Feb. 6, but the department is planning on creating more science programs for the town.


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