Dedham TA Keegan Awaiting Response From FAA on Proposed Flight Paths

The period for input on the issue has been extended to March 15.

Dedham Town Administrator Bill Keegan has yet to hear a response from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding a proposed change in flight paths heading south from Logan Airport that lie directly over Dedham.

A letter was written two weeks ago on behalf of the Board of Selectmen who expressed their concerns about redirecting flights over the town.

“We haven’t had any real response back from the FAA about but apparently there’s been an extension of the comment period into March so I don’t know what’s happened beyond that,” Keegan said.

The proposal, which FAA says the new routes will improve safety and efficiency, was announced Feb. 5 and the period for public comment has since been extended to March 15.

For Keegan, if the new flight paths are put into place it will be an adjustment for people in town.

“In the area here which has not experienced that level of flight traffic I think it’s going to be a change which people are not used to,” he said. "It’s one thing when you know that when you’re moving into an area with that kind of an understanding, but coming out here you haven’t had that.”

Keegan said the next step will be to await a response from the FAA and then then see if there will be additional hearings to seek further input.

susan james February 28, 2013 at 01:54 PM
I am using my wife's account here, had to jump in. I am a commercial pilot that has been flying in and out on trips often, from Logan Boston. I can tell you with expert opinion since I fly jets that have been using the routings over Dedham for many years. This is nothing new. In fact, the last year, our aeronautical charts actually have a named "dedham transition" departure when going off runway 9 (eastbound runway out over the harbor) ... it is a slow, climbing turn to the east, southeast, then southwest, over dedham, norwood etc... however, by the time we pass over dedham, we are at 15,000 feet! not low enough for anyone to hear! Also, the only close pass to Dedham occurs when taking off runway 27 (westward towards the city).. and a turn to 240 degrees, right over Dorchester, then Dedham ....however, again, this is a climbing turn, and by the time, we are over Dedham, at the rapid climb rates jets use, we're no lower than 10,000 feet! Again, you can't hear us that high. There will never be any lower routes, (jets climb too fast) from Logan. These routes have been in effect for 20 plus years! There is no reason for over-reaction here and the town manager TA Keegan must get his facts straight before going over board on this when he knows nothing about aviation and the actual routes that have been in effect for years already!
notquitesure February 28, 2013 at 02:15 PM
This does not inspire confidence in our Town Administrators leadership. “We haven’t had any real response back from the FAA about but apparently there’s been an extension of the comment period into March so I don’t know what’s happened beyond that,” Keegan said. I would hope and expect our TA to know exactly what is going on since it severely impacts our community.
DedhamNewbie February 28, 2013 at 03:41 PM
But how will the new plan differ? Looked through the impact report and it was hard to tell
John H February 28, 2013 at 04:03 PM
They are not going to be flying over Keegan’s house so do you think he really cares?
Avon Barksdale February 28, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Apparently our TA is supposed to be the Wizard Of Speed And Time who can masterfully conjure the thoughts of unresponsive federal bureaucrats. Let's make sure to write that into the next TA job description so this embarrassment doesn't repeat itself. I would even happily waive the residency requirement for such a Wizard.


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