Dedham Resident Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims


American Red Cross volunteers from Eastern Massachusetts, after working in our communities during Hurricane Sandy, are accepting deployments to states devastated by the superstorm.

Rodger Nappier of Dedham, whose Red Cross specialty is feeding, has been deployed to New York.

Feeding specialists provide snacks, meals, and drinks using Emergency Response Vehicles or others on routes within the impacted area or at a fixed location such as a community center.

The American Red Cross has mobilized more than 5,700 disaster workers from all over the country who have served more than 6 million meals and snacks so far. We have also activated our entire fleet of response vehicles and handed out more than 2 million relief items.

Rodger Nappier, in accepting this deployment, is gaining experience working with Red Cross experts throughout the U.S. When he returns to Massachusetts, his knowledge will help better inform our efforts, and help make our local region stronger.

Many in your community want to know how to help. They could train to become disaster volunteers, or fund this long-term relief effort by calling 1-800REDCROSS or visiting RedCross.Org.


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