Dedham Adds Extra Recycling Pick up for the Holidays

The Town of Dedham is adding pick-up times for recyclable trash.


The Town of Dedham has contracted with Russell Disposal to add additional collection for RECYCLING ONLY the 2 weeks after Christmas, beginning Monday Dec. 31 and ending Friday Jan. 11.

This additional collection will take place during normal recycling week only. Only recycling products will be collected, no loose trash will be picked up.

For these two weeks only cardboard and other recyclables will be picked up outside of your toters. Recyclables can be put out during this time in barrels, paper bags (no plastic bags please) or boxes to accommodate the overflow from the holidays. Boxes with trash in them will not be picked up.

All Styrofoam, including Styrofoam packaging and peanuts should be brought to the Styrofoam recycling event on Saturday Dec. 29 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the old Avery School, 123 High Street, or it can be placed in the trash.


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