Concerned About Idle Hands in the Garden For a Few Weeks?

It's still not too late to plant and receive thriving blooms and vegetables throughout the season.


Many homeowners may feel that the term lazy days of summer best describes a gardener's job for the month of July. At the height of the season, the yard is typically lush and full of blooms or has dried up waiting for next year's bounty. The good news is, it's not too late to get those hands dirty and plant items that will deliver lovely flowers to be enjoyed now and for the rest of the season, or even next year!


There are many plants available at local garden centers that are appropriate and organically suitable to plant now. Late blooming perennials, such as Day Lilies and many others will continue to thrive when transplanted in July. Also, garden centers are always prepared for the garden mishaps or misfortunes when things don't always go as planned. If patches of the yard just didn't develop into the exact initial plan, or some dry, hot spells really took a toll on the plants, there are ways to bounce the garden back into shape. Other mid-summer choices include:

cone flowers
shasta daisies
toad lilies

Blooming Soon
joe pye weed
chelone - pink turtlehead
assorted grasses


 Garden centers continue to have fully grown and full of color annuals ready to place around your yard now. If immediate gratification is necessary, annual planting is virtually instantaneous and quickly rewarding.


Contrary to what many may believe, it is not too late to plant some vegetables. Planting cucumbers and summer squash this month will still yield a moderate pick at harvest time and short season crops, such as spinach, radish and lettuce can be grown from seeds for several more months.

For broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, this month is the last chance to transplant those delicious plants to give them enough time to produce .

Yes, Fall is Around the Corner

That's right, the fall season is quickly approaching and anxious gardeners can start to look forward to mums, flowering cabbages, and even cool season flowers like pansies again.

So don't put too much worry into these idle days where it is just too hazy and humid to get the garden growing. There is still time to enjoy some fruits with a little labor now, or take a few more weeks to rock in the hammock and give it a go in early September and head into the school year with a bang. 

Information for this column was contributed by Volante Farms, 292 Forest St., Needham.


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