5 Things You Need To Know Today: April 22

Today's weather, latest gas prices and TV Turn Off Week events.

"Five Things you Need to Know Today" is a Patch column that provides readers with essential, daily information at a glance. 

  1. Much like today, temperatures will stay in the low 50s, but the wind won't be nearly as strong, according to the National Weather Service.
  2. With gas prices rising (almost as fast as gold), we checked out some of the latest prices in town. Here is what we found:
    : $3.67 (with card)
    Super Petroleum: $3.73 (cash)
    : $3.93 
  3. will hold Good Friday Mass at 7:30 p.m. this evening; will hold Mass at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and will hold worship at noon and 7 p.m.
  4. Put your searching skills to the test with a today at 11 a.m. at as part of "TV Turn Off Week" in Dedham.
  5. It's , so pick up litter when you see it, bike where you can and hug a tree while your add it. (And send us a picture of you doing all three).


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