East Dedham is East Dedham and shouldn't be renamed Mother Brook

   I keep hearing this whole why are people calling East Dedham Mother Brook now and all this other foolishness. Truth be told I live in East Dedham and although Mother Brook is at the Charles River and the old Avery is the Mother Brook Art Studio the last I checked I never received any memo that said East Dedham was no longer East Dedham.
   I can understand why a small circle of the newer citizens who think they know what's best for us would want to clean up East Dedham's image, but reality is it is one of the poorer sections of Dedham, we have a few troublemakers, we're a little run down and we don't fit the image the town wants. Well on behalf of all the East Dedham residents I apologize that we aren't Wellesley like the rest of the town wants us to be. The last I checked I lived in Dedham. More specifically East Dedham. 
   Personally we'd all be better off if we concentrated on being the best Dedham we could be instead of being something we aren't. I am a direct descendant of the Fairbanks family, so Dedham means more to me than it does to most, it's part of my history and my families history and personally I'm sick and tired of some of the nonsensical things we do and if someone does decide to try to change East Dedham to Mother Brook be prepared for a backlash because we are proud folks and we know who were are. We didn't grow up with much and that made us grounded. We don't live in fantasy land we live in reality. 
   Reality in East Dedham is simple, we don't have a doctor or a Lawyer or a CPA on every street corner. We are a mix of professionals and blue collar people who work very hard for what we have in life. As far as I'm concerned we are East Dedham and will remain that way. That's who we are whether some people like it or not.

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Chris Huntoon January 23, 2014 at 08:39 AM
So true!
steve January 23, 2014 at 05:31 PM
I agree with Dan. All these new people moving in trying to make dedham into a little liberal jamacia plain we are not that type if town let's go back to being a hard working blue collar town. I hate these tree hugging snobby people who think they cam start changing stuff east dedham will always be the poorer of the town but the people are dam proud if you want a liberal artsy neighborhood move to Cambridge or jamacia plain
Dan O'Neil January 23, 2014 at 06:01 PM
I don't think this is true of every newer resident. I've met a lot of terrific folks who have made Dedham there home and are no different than you or me but we do have a little of that influence here. I'm all for progress and Dedham being a better town but as long as we don't forget what this town is and try to be something we aren't
BOB KEESHAN January 23, 2014 at 07:58 PM
What E.D. needs is some sidewalk cafes that serve espresso , cappuccino, + bagels, etc..... Maybe a sushi joint too ...... Then, let's outlaw the use of Styrofoam cups, + plastic bottles too . You know, to combat qlobal warming + to protect the environment. Next, let's put a bike path in the EastDedham Plaza. Maybe an oval that goes around the parking lot and to the back of the plaza near the post office. Lastly, what would any really cool, hip, chic place be without the requisite, ubiquitous loon magnet ... STARBUCKS !
domenic stagno January 26, 2014 at 08:32 AM
I agree with Bob Keeshan above! East Dedham needs some sidewalk cafes and restaurants. let's put in the bike path and arrange more parking. let's put up new streetlights on Bussey street that look like old fashioned gaslights. I think we could give it a little pizazz by not taking away from the name but adding to it. How about East Dedham Village. let's make it look like a village and the strong neighborhood that it really is where people know their neighbors. Roslindale came back to life after they re-named it Roslindale Village. I go there all the time to hang out and shop in the village. It's quaint , warm and friendly and inclusive of all! A village is just a small strong community with people who care about each other. I think that the town should invest some money to make these changes. let then children of East Dedham Village and grow up proud of their blue collar roots. I grew up with blue collar roots and I'm proud of it but we must be very careful, so that we can not just have a blue collar mentality.


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