Dexter School: Why not have what Blue Hills offers here as an extension of the High School

   Good evening Dedham, I'm back again and I have another idea that could save our town money long term. Right now part of the increase in the school budget is used to send students to Blue Hills Regional High School in Canton. This school gives a classroom education but also teaches trades like nursing, hair dressing, electrical, plumbing and carpentry. Right now besides one wing at Dexter Elementary we have an empty building. What if we offered what Blue Hills offers, but offered it here in Dedham and send our students here. While we wouldn't take away the option for a student to go to Blue Hills if they choose, we can only send so many students per year so many others who would have liked to have gone get shut out. By doing this we bring the High School enrollment up as not as many students would go to Blue Hills as we offer the same things here, we save on much of the fees and the busing for students to go to Blue Hills and we can have students walk out of Dedham High with not only a diploma, but a license to do a trade and have a career right away if college isn't for them. Quincy did this a few years back with great results and saved money. Yes it would require hiring trade, hair dressing and nursing teachers, but read below I have an answer to that.
   We could get a grant to refurbish the school to do this and students can go to classes during the morning and then take there trade classes a few afternoons per week like Blue Hills does over at Dexter by being bused from the High School and then they can be bused home from there. We may have even more students show interest than we did previously. It could be a huge win for our town. We can even extend this learning to graduates or folks who have a high school equivalent education(G.E.D.). We can offer those students classes when the High School Students aren't using it, charge tuition and then that money goes back to the school system as a small revenue stream to supplement that budget. With so many college dropouts and people getting laid off who may be looking at new careers this could be very profitable for our town and yet another thing I would propose if elected to the Board of Selectman.
   We keep talking about schools and what happens if we do a residential exemption or something that lowers taxes. Well if the school can bring in revenue this would be a huge win for Dedham. We would save money on the school budget that can be used in other places including giving our residents tax relief.
   I think this is a real winner. Dedham, Our community needs to start doing things to help our citizens not be taxed out of town. This could be a way to help remedy this. These are the things I bring to the table. Ideas that are sensible and can help us save money long term. I respectfully and humbly ask for one of your two votes on April 12th. Thank you so very much. I really hope you will vote for me to be our voice on the board and be part of our team.

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steve April 07, 2014 at 03:13 PM
Chris you are like a child. Dan is a real person and speaks like a real person unlike everyother politician who are fake and.only say the the things you want to hear yet never follow through with anything only continue to be a puppet for someone more powerful. Dan is what we we need a straight forward speak your. mind regular type of person. Obviously the people who we have in there don't really have our bes interests because they keep milking us instead of changing the twin spending habbits.
Chris Masalsky April 07, 2014 at 03:53 PM
Thanks for the kind words, Steve. If Dan could tell me in a straightforward manner which items in the 14-15 budget are wasteful and which items he proposes to cut in order to make up for the revenue shortfall of a tax cut, I am more than willing to listen. Thus far all attempts at asking these questions have been met with my being told that since I have an education, I'm a moron.
Dan O'Neil April 07, 2014 at 04:07 PM
Ok here we go. We saved 250,000 on garbage delivery, 850,000 came off the dept inclusion. We saved over a million dollars yet we are still looking to tax at over 2.5 possibly. If you read my blog we had to increase the school budget because we send 20 kids per year to blue hills at 30,000. So more than a half million goes to another school. Thus I suggested we offer these things and open an adult trade education school to fund it. We do all kinds of studies and consultations I feel are unnecessary. You won't find that in a budget report because they haven't released it but they do them. I went to three meetings in which they passed this nonsense. Unless you were there you would have no idea. The town spends too much money. Plain and simple.
Chris Masalsky April 08, 2014 at 07:58 AM
Thanks, Dan. I'd like to look at a few of these items separately. First, it's great to hear that we saved $250k on garbage service . But I am unclear on what you mean by $850k coming off the debt inclusion. Does this mean that a total of $850k came off the books for what we owe on non-excluded debt, or does it mean the town needs to pay $850k less this year on the servicing of the debt? That's a big difference - the first one means a very small savings in operating, the second one is significant.
Dan O'Neil April 08, 2014 at 08:11 AM
What that 850,000 is is we finally paid off east street phase 2 and the SMA development. I know the 250,000 isn't that significant but it is a savings. If you read my proposal for Dexter I think this could save the town a great deal of money as it is roughly 30,000+ to send a child to blue hills and I believe the cap per town per graduating class that can attend is 25 and I believe we send about 10-15 per grade so if the town would go with my plan we could see savings on one end and if we did adult training money coming in on the other end giving the school budget a revenue stream so supplement some of the budget and be able to do more. We may not agree on waste but you have to agree if we can save money and create revenue that that is a solid proposal.


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