VIDEO: Despite Snow, Ron's Opening Means Spring Starts

The ice cream parlor will open for the season today.


After four monts of not savoring Irish Coffee or Peanut Butter Explosion ice cream from , everyone will get their chance to enjoy a few scoops beginning Thursday.

The Dedham Square store will reopen for the season, the 12th year the icon has served Dedham residents.

"The years seem to run together," owner Ron Covitz said, adding it could be 13 years now.

The family-owned institution labored for the past week-and-a-half making 32 kinds of ice cream for the opening, and the family's bowling alley and ice cream parlor in Hyde Park.

This will mark the third year Covitz took the winter off to save on heating costs - and because the demand for ice cream takes a dip during the coldest months of the year.

He said customers wished he hadn't closed in what's been a mild - and mostly snowless - winter.

"People are unbelievably excited that we are going to be open March 1, and they look forward to this day," owner Ron Covitz said.

Typically, opening day would bring a large crowd pouring through the glass door, but Covitz was cautious Wednesday as flurries began to fall on the Square.

"People you think forgot about you, remember. They truly believe that spring starts [Thursday]," Covitz said. "The only thing that's going to stop that is if we have a three or four inches of snow on the ground."


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