MIT Endicott Santizing With Salt Water [POLL]

New technology resurrected by MIT uses water, salt and electricity to clean the MIT Endicott House in Dedham.

Cleaning your home could be as easy as a little salt water and a bit of electricity - at least that's how the is going about making the mansion sparkling clean.

The technique, featured on Fox 25 Monday morning, uses a commercial-sized machine to ionize salt water to produce a sanitized and safe cleaning solutions.

In interviews with Fox 25, Michael Fitzgerald, general manager for the property, said it has cut down on deliveries and replaced their other, more toxic cleaners.

While the commercial contraption runs up to $15,000, a "for home" machine costs about $350.

The science was first developed by a Woburn-based startup company in 2006, and only recently resurrected, according to an innovation journal article. Mass High Tech explains the science in detail behind how the cleaner works and why it's so effective.


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