Making a Dream into Reality at The Gallery

Zachary Curro is only 20-years-old, but was able to open up his own business by Legacy Place in Dedham.


For many high school students, college seems to be the only option after graduation.  But when Zachary Curro graduated he knew that he wanted to own his own business.

Curro was 20-years-old when he opened The Gallery at 61 Legacy Blvd. in Dedham on Jan. 2.

"I always wanted to own my own business," Curro said. "And it was scary at first because I didn't use a loan.  I ended up investing my whole life savings into this place."

He decided to open an antique shop because of his love for antique shows and auctions.

"Watching the shows on TV [like] antique shows and Storage Wars made me realize the fact that I like them because of the auctions." Curro said. "I found a website that shows you all of the auctions for the public. I would go there and the stuff I'd see is unbelievable."

Curro started selling his antiques from home in Framingham after high school, but decided to open a shop so he can offer furniture.  It took him only two weeks to plan the idea.

"I was already doing it from my house, I knew that college wasn't for me and I knew that it made me happy," Curro said. "A buddy of mine owns DC Consignment and he told me that this place was for rent.  So I just used my life savings."

The Gallery offers a wide variety of products, from autographed sports memorabilia to horse saddles.  But Curro takes pride in the kind of furniture he is able to get.

"All of my furniture is brand new," Curro said. "And because of how much I'm able to get them at the auctions, I can offer a whole living room set for around $700.  My goal is to offer a great quality item for a great price."

Curro is hoping that he is able to make enough money to hire a manager for the store, so he can open up another business.

"Eventually I would love to own a restaurant," Curro said.  "So I'm not gonna stop."

Lori Gartz-curropantalone January 25, 2013 at 12:39 PM
so proud of my son Zachary....mom
caroline dutton January 25, 2013 at 01:50 PM
Congrats. I hope you have many years of success.


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