Dedham Market to Keep Liquor License After Serving Minor

Since a violation on Oct. 3, one Dedham business has purchased an ID age scanner which will be used on every future customer.

A Dedham market is in hot water after it sold alcohol to an underage customer last month.

Dedham selectmen agreed that Terri’s Market would have its liquor license suspended for three days if it receives one more violation in the next 12 months. 

“The liquor license is there and you can make plenty of money,” Selectmen Carmen DelloIacono  said. “Just follow the rules.”

Terri’s Market and East Dedham Liquors were just two Dedham establishments that were given a violation in October for serving to minors after the Dedham Police Department sent an underage customer into each business.  Thirty-eight Dedham businesses passed the inspection and refused to sell to the undercover customer.

Selectmen Chairman Mike Butler said  it has been a while since zero violations have been issued by Dedham police.  Butler said public notices were given to the businesses before the inspection.

“When this happens we take it serious… the rules are very simple to follow,” Butler said.

Attorney Peter Zahka said Terri’s Market manager Shailesh Patel is “extremely embarrassed” by the violation.

Zahka and Patel sat before the Dedham Selectmen on Thursday and explained that they had terminated the 35-year-old employee who sold to the minor.

Since the violation on Oct. 3, the liquor store has also purchased an ID age scanner which will be used on every future customer.

Patel has also purchased new security cameras where he will be able to view store purchases from his smart phone. 

East Dedham Liquors did not show up for their hearing on Thursday.  Selectmen said it will be rescheduled to a future meeting.


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