Dedham Business Will Pay For Your Parking

Owner Peter Reynolds with his basket of changed to pay for residents' parking.
Owner Peter Reynolds with his basket of changed to pay for residents' parking.

With the Town implementing new parking meters in Dedham Square this week, the Blue Bunny bookstore has offered to help residents adjust to the change.

As a thank you to the town, the Blue Bunny will pay for anyone’s Dedham Square parking until the end of the year.   Customers just have to enter the store with their parking receipt, and the shop will not only pay for it, but they will also double it.

Starting on Oct. 1, Dedham Square drivers must pay for their parking at a computerized meter.  Parking cost 25 cents for 30 minutes, 50 cents for 45 minutes and 75 cents for a whole hour.  Parking under an hour can only be paid with coins, while an hour parking can be paid with a debit or credit card.

Blue Bunny owner Peter Reynolds said many residents were upset with the changes so he decided to help.

“For some people it was a bit of a shock and we were hearing from customers paying for parking in a municipal lot was a hardship,” Reynolds said.  “ I was hearing a lot of complaints, and being a creative thinker, I thought, what could I do to help people adjust?”

The Dedham shop has already received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook about their gift to the town, and Reynolds said he owes it to his customers.

“This campaign echoes the special main street magic,” Reynolds said. “ Unlike the big corporations, we have the flexibility to listen and respond to our customers within 24 hours.  This town reminds me of the town from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ Bedford Falls, where everyone knows your name.  A small tight knit community… it’s amazing. This is to reflect that spirit.”

Holly dixon October 06, 2013 at 12:33 PM
The parking meters in Dedham have just about put a nail in the coffin of all the small businesses. could job whoever thought this up now everyone will go to the Dedham Plaza or legacy place to shop or eat because its FREE....... how stupid can you be to put all this work into making the square beautiful then you sabotage the whole thing. take the meters out NOW while you still can save the square. they are stupid make no sense and you cant tell where to park anyway .congrats to the dummy who came up with stupid idea....... Holly Dixon a former shopper at Dedham Square
John H October 06, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Totally agree Holly! Dumbest idea ever! Its not even the price that's the problem. its the town trying to squeeze every penny out of people in any way they can.


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