Business Spotlight: C2 Pilates

C2 Pilates has been helping Dedham residents get in shape for 14 years.


C2 Pilates they teach their students the STOTT method.  This method was designed to restore the curve of the spine, rebalanced muscles around the joints and put an emphasis on scapular stabilization

We spoke with Carolyn Martin at the studio in the Dedham Athletic Complex, 200 Providence Hwy., to find out how they have been helping their clients for over 10 years.


Dedham Patch: What is one thing people might not know about C2 Pilates?

C2 Pilates has been around for 14 years. We have three locations as well as a Stott Pilates Licensed Training where we specialize in educating fitness instructors in Stott Pilates, Totalbarre, Core and Zenga. All different ways of moving.

DP: How has the economy affected you in the past year?

We've needed to embrace the idea of group training. We have worked hard to teach in a style as though we were teaching 20 individuals privately. 

DP: What is your busiest time of day and day of the week?

Depending on the demographics  it varies greatly. Dedham loves [to work out at] 7 a.m. especially in the summer. Kids are home from school and mothers can sneak out and grab a workout. The busiest days are Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays in all locations and Sunday has been a secret surprise! All studios kick late morning.

DP: What is the best fitness tip you offer your clients?

Pilates hands down. Every program we offer is based within the foundations of Stott Pilates. If you are mentally and physically engage in a pilates connection you will have better form, posture, a stronger core and will achieve overall better results. It is also  bio mechanically based and ensures safe functional movement.

DP: What do you feel is a benefit about having a business in Dedham?

Dedham is a diverse community and we pride ourselves in creating programs that fit our community. Dedham is Family driven, centrally located, and convenient for multiple communities.  We are lucky to be housed in an amazing complex, the DHAC. We are independently owned and operated, but have a great home at the DHAC and are lucky to have a gorgeous fully equipped pilates studio and a beautiful newly built, theatrical state of the art Barre studio.


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