Behind the Biz: Dedham Acupuncture

The goal of Dedham Acupuncture to help others feel pain free, have a calmer mind and experience "ultimate wellness."


Dedham Acupuncture has been serving Dedham residents since 2002.  Patch stopped by to speak with Nicole Stern, one of the Acupuncturists at the facility to see how business was going.


Patch: Why did you choose to start this business in Dedham?

I love Dedham!  As a Dedham resident, I wanted to be able to work in the community where I live.  This allows me to have as much flexibility as possible so that I can work and keep my sanity as a busy Mom.  My clients also appreciate this flexibility because when a “need” arises during non-business hours, I can often accommodate or meet their needs because I live so close.


Patch: What distinguishes your business from others in the same industry?

When I first started practicing eleven years ago, it was common for my new patients to never have had any previous exposure to acupuncture.  Now, it is more common for new clients to have seen one, two, or even three acupuncturists prior to being referred to our clinic.  We pride ourselves on having a clean, modern facility.  We also place the UTMOST importance on explaining to clients exactly what we are doing, what to expect during the treatment, and what type of results to expect after the treatment.  I hear over and over from clients, “I have had acupuncture before and no one has ever explained why or how it worked in a way I could understand” or, “Thank you for walking me through the treatment process.  I have had acupuncture before but no one ever explained what to expect during the actual procedure”.  Sometimes clients have experienced a communication or cultural barrier with other acupuncturists in the past.  We pride ourselves on our clear communication principles.  We also have online booking, insurance verification and billing, and we are in a location with ample parking that is handicap accessible.  We try to make things as easy as possible for our clients!


Patch: Any current challenges you face as a business owner?

Keeping up with social media!  The marketplace has changed dramatically since I first started practicing and social media is the latest change.  Social media is the challenge I am now trying to face and master.  My clients are hungry for more and more health and wellness information delivered online.  I find I am answering the same questions about dieting, supplementation, exercises, stretching, hormones creams, vitamins – you name it – over and over.  I need to put this wealth of information online.  It is a work in progress!


Patch: What's the best business advice you've ever been given?

As a business owner, you need to become very clear about your unique value and the niche that you fill in the marketplace.  Use your passion for your particular product or service and develop a service that no one else offers.  For instance, hormone balancing is my passion and I specialize in this service.  My associate, Alison Farraher, specializes in pain management and children’s health.  I know hormones inside and out while Alison could delineate the treatment process of frozen shoulder much better than I could.


Patch: What's the best "wellness" advice you'd give your clients?

Whenever a client is struggling with a chronic health issue, it is much better to implement a multi-strategy approach to tackle the issue.  For instance, if a client has had intractable back pain for a number of years, they will have better results if they incorporate 2-3 treatment modalities to address the pain.  This means perhaps doing physical therapy while utilizing acupuncture treatment as well.  Clients will progress more quickly than if they had only had PT or only had acupuncture .During our intake process, we suggest a treatment protocol tailored for each client’s needs to address their health issue efficiently and effectively.


Dedham Acupuncture is located at 111 Eastern Ave. in Dedham.


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