Kingdom Coming, Bringing History to the Silver Screen

Alex Fofonoff was born and raised in Dedham and is working on a film that takes place during the American Civil War.


Majoring in the arts can prove to be very challenging. Especially since there are limited opportunities within the field.  A person has to show perseverance and love for the subject in order to see the fruition of goals.

Alex Fofonoff was born and raised in Dedham, has always wanted to work in film and is starting to see his plans come into fruition.

Fofonoff is now a senior at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and was granted the allotment for his senior thesis class.  Out of the 24 students enrolled, only 12 receive this opportunity.

Through the allotment students receive insurance, equipment and a small sum of money for their film project.

"After a semester of having my project scrutinized and picked apart by professors and classmates and giving an hour long pitch, I am ecstatic to say I am one of those twelve," he said.

The title of the film is "Kingdom Coming." It takes place at the end of the American Civil War, where a wealthy general’s son, who chose to hire another man to fight for him, comes back from abroad, determined to take responsibility for his actions.

However, during a harsh post-war celebration at his family home, it becomes clear that not everyone shares his "romantics of self-betterment." 

By searching the house for his father, he meets a variety of people of whom the war affected. This consisted of generals who had enjoyed the taste of blood, men who fought for certain beliefs, and friends who have been broken by the horrors they lived through.  

These experiences shape Robert’s perception of what he’s missed.

"No longer understanding the place he once called home, he finds it is not as easy as he thought to escape the past and the ghosts that come with it," Fofonoff said.

The reason why he chose this subject was because he was always fascinated with American history.

"History is so important," Fofonoff said. "I always thought it was important to know your roots, and it's something we shouldn't forget. And this subject [the American Civil War] hasn't been talked about in the cinema. It's easy to look at it romantically because it is one of America's tragedies.  And it's easy to see them all as heroes, but they all had flaws."

Fofonoff is now in the pre-production phase and is fundraising for production costs.  But he is hoping to start filming in June.

"Right now the estimated budget is $24,000 and I have a one-third of that right now," he said.  "The crew is working for free but the major cost is production design, transportation and feeding people. And I am committed to the professionalism of the product."

Fofonoff is hoping to have most of the budget by the end of February.  He is also hoping to have a film showing right here in Dedham.


If you would like to help contribute to Alex Fofonoff's film then click here.  You will also get a chance to watch a sneak peak video about the film, production staff and more.


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