What's a Blog, and Why Should I Do It?

Yeah, you should blog about that. That, we know.

Blog on Patch. Credit: Patch
Blog on Patch. Credit: Patch
Written by Chris Caesar 

What exactly is a blog?

Short for 'web blog,' a blog is a website where an individual or group can share information, ideas and participate in conversations.

At Patch, we offer a combination of original staff content, a blog platform for local bloggers, events, announcements, updated business and community directory listings as well as community message boards. 

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Patch offers each reader the ability to publish their own blog on an established website with a wide, local audience.     

For Patch purposes, the blog platform is your space to share what's important to you and your immediate community.

What will I write about?

Sometimes a small business owner will ask me: "But what will I write about?" To give you an idea of some of the possibilities, here's a quick list based on profession:

  • Realtor: Real estate trends, paint color trends for the year, how to stage a home
  • The local bank: A glossary of banking terms and their meanings, new hires, simple ways you can save money every day
  • Restaurant/bar owners: How to make the perfect pizza, how to make the perfect summertime cocktail, the best local karaoke singers
  • Floral designers: Flowers and their meanings, the perfect flowers for specific occasions

  • Liquor stores: write about - you guessed it - wine and beer, and other spirits
Click Here to Start a Blog on Dedham Patch!

What if I'm not a business owner in town?

Blogging allows you the opportunity to share your interests with the local community. You can talk about favorite local spots, book or movie reviews or even share awesome photographs. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog
  1. It's Free.
  2. A blog is a great way to promote your local business or organization.
  3. You have something to say and need a place to say it!


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