VIDEO: A Photo Slideshow of Operation Sandy from Mass' Mission to NY/NJ

Foxborough resident Kris Long shared a photo slideshow of her trip to New York and New Jersey as she and other volunteers delivered donations and supplies collected in Foxborough to Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey.


Those donations filled a 26-foot truck, which was driven to victims to New York and New Jersey by Foxborough resident Bill Long. Bill's wife, Kris, organized the community group, Operation Sandy from Mass. to collect the donations and put together a photo slideshow of the trip to New York and New Jersey.

She posted the slideshow on Youtube and shared the link with Foxborough Patch. See the video above for scenes from New York and New Jersey.

At Tuesday's Board of Selectmen meeting, selectman Lynda Walsh updated the public on the status of donations collected by Operation Sandy from Mass.

"It wasn’t very long before that Common was filled with bags and boxes and people," Walsh said of last weekend's event on Foxborough Common. "Everybody was wanting to help. We probably had $3,000 worth of gift cards and cash donations alone as well as a 26-foot truck filled to the brim front to back, floor to ceiling."

Operation Sandy from Mass. collected more donations than the 26-foot truck would hold so a second, 24-foot truck was used Tuesday to bring the remaining supplies down to victims in New York and New Jersey.

"The second truck is a 24-foot truck and is two-thirds full [arrived in Towns River, N.J. Tuesday]," said Walsh.

The type of volunteerism shown by Foxborough residents for hurricane victims in New York and New Jersey was "heatwarming," according to selectmen chair James DeVellis. Walsh added it was nice to see the community come together for others.

"It just brought back a lot to me of that’s exactly what Foxborough is," Walsh said. "I know we’ve gone through some rocky roads in the past year but I think the healing has begun in this town and regardless of where you stood on certain issues this brought us back together again."


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