Town Administrator Responds to Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hundreds of residents are without power and the Town Administrator is hoping to get residents back on line within the next few days.


Today the town will assess damage to their Tow Facilities, equipment and answer any remaining calls from residents about downed trees and limbs. 

Town Administrator, William Keegan is advising residents that if there are trees down in the yard, then the insurance company needs to be contacted.  Because the town is not able to remove trees from private property.

"At present, many of the situations involving trees that have fallen on power lines have already been reported and NSTAR will be responding as soon as they can," Keegan said.  "Many communities around Dedham were not as fortunate with respect to the number of customers who lost power."

In Dedham, the highest number of customers that were out of power at one time was about 460 or 4 percent, according to NSTAR. 

"Some remaining power losses in Dedham may require some extensive work and NSTAR crews are likely focusing their attention on trying to get power back to a large number of customers in the area," Keegan said.   "However we will remain in contact with NSTAR directly throughout the next few days until all of our residents are back on line." 

The Town Administrator was also pleased to see that operational changes that were done made a big difference when it came to response time.

"NSTAR was much more efficient and coordinated with our local response teams," Keegan said.

The Town Administrator's office is encouraging residents who are experiencing a problem with a "downstreet tree," to call Public Works at 781-751-9350.  Then they will be able to determine if the tree is a "Town tree" or a private tree. 

Trees that have fallen on power lines should be reported to NSTAR at 1-800-592-2000. 


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