Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Town for Supporting Dedham's Bunnies

Over the last year, the Dedham Public Art Project installed 15 painted rabbits around Dedham. The organizers would like to thank those who helped to make it possible.

Dear Editor,

The would like to take a moment to acknowledge the end of phase one of the project--installation of 15 originally around the town--and thank all those who made it possible.

We would first like to acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for their funding for the project: Dedham Savings, Needham Bank, Norfolk and Dedham Group, Dedham Community House, Whole Foods, Dedham Junior Woman’s Club, Dedham Parent Time, Dedham Cultural Council, Oakdale Square Alliance, Mother Brook Community Group, Delapa Properties, 4C’s for Kids, John Thomas and Special Friends Fund, Peter H. Reynolds, Giorgio Petruzziello, Waves Car Wash, Boch Automotive, our superstar anonymous donors (you know who you are), the many local businesses who have given in-kind sponsorship, and so many residents leaving their change in the various collection boxes around town or donating by check or through our website (www.dedhamshines.org).  Every single penny has counted and continues to count.

We also thank those who made the various locations possible: Dedham Parks and Recreation, Dedham Board of Selectmen, Dedham Library Board of Trustees, Dedham Civic Pride, Giorgio Petruzziello, Dedham Mall, Legacy Place, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Dedham Community House, St. Susanna’s, Willard Co., and Delapa Properties.

Phase two of the project, the display period, not only brings joy to our local residents but also attracts tourists to discover Dedham’s neighborhoods and businesses.  Projects like this around the country have proven that with art come dollars through “cultural tourism,” which means day trippers will decide to spend the day in Dedham. Once they’re here they decide to eat in our restaurants and shop in our shops.   We have already seen and heard about many visitors to Dedham doing just this.

Finally, preparations are in full swing for phase three of this project: the auction.  Dedham Public Art project is working with the online site Bidding for Good to create a nation-wide online auction starting on October 20th, which will lead us to a live auction on the evening of Saturday, November 3rd at the First Church.  If you would like to help with the live auction event, please join us for a planning meeting on September 10th,  at 7pm,  at Endicott Estate. 
Executing all the various phases of this project is not a job we can do alone.  We have a wonderful group of dedicated citizens, far too long to list, who believe in the power of public art to add vibrancy to the community and whose help has been invaluable.

Please consider a donation to this project to ensure that the marketing can be far reaching and attract as many visitors as possible to Dedham.  We truly appreciate all your support and hope that you are enjoying this exciting project.

Jennifer Barsamian
Monika Wilkinson
Co-founders, Dedham Shines

Christine Ryan August 24, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Dear Monika and Jen, I would like to THANK YOU for your leadership, enthusiasm, patience, perseverance, creativity, and can-do attitude as co-founders of Dedham Shines. Personally, as an artist, I am so thrilled and proud to have the Dedham Public Art Project sponsor such a wonderful display of bunny sculptures that honor the artistic heritage of Dedham Pottery. They are truly magnificent, and each masterpiece has ignited a pride and passion in many residents. The journey had a few bumps along the way, and you handled any challenges with grace and dignity. More importantly, there were so many triumphs and positive contributions, and you've brought a sense of whimsy, fun and beauty to Dedham. What a wonderful accomplishment! I am very proud to know you, and the many smiles I've made as I pass one of these treasures is because of you. Great work ladies!
Jennifer C August 24, 2012 at 09:50 PM
My daughters and I have enjoyed seeing the bunnies all over town! Our favorites are the ladybug bunny and the racecar bunny.
Dawn Scaltreto August 28, 2012 at 06:01 PM
As one of the artists, I was thrilled to participate in this project, and Monika and Jen deserve a tremendous amount of gratitude for their hard work and a whole lot of "behind the scenes" problem solving that only two really great, resourceful and dedicated moms could pull off! I am glad that the Pete Hamilton Race Car Rabbit is a hit, and I am looking forward with anticipation to the auction in November!


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