Doug and Porkchop: Dynamic Duo of Hamsters Seeking a New Home

Both animals are up for adoption through the Animal Rescue League of Boston's Dedham shelter.

Doug and Porkchop are two winter white dwarf hamsters looking for their forever home. 

They are only 3 months old and very sweet. Both hamsters were born in a foster home and handled since birth allowing them to grow up into friendly well socialized hamsters.

They could live together, but need to be closely monitored to make sure they are not fighting. If they do they will need to be immediately separated in to their own cages. They are very sweet little guys and love to run in their wheel, burrow through bedding, and be held. 

If you are interested in adopting either Doug, Porkchop or both, contact the at 781-326-0729 or stop by to see them! Please make sure to bring a picture of their new cage all set up for them. The adoption fee is $10 each.

Tuesday-Friday: 1:00-6:30
Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-5:30
Closed Monday's and holidays


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