Diary of a Dan-cer: Song Selection

Song selection can make or break a routine.


With about 15 minutes left in our first lesson, it was time to pick our song. I had emailed my partner a week earlier and we started narrowing down our list…from 20 songs to 10….10 to 5.

The only real advice I had been given from former Stars was to choose a song you like…because you’re going to hear a lot of it.

Song selection can make or break a routine. Some strong selections from past shows include LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know it”, Shakira, Wham! and, of course, some disco from Saturday Night Fever.

A mistake with this critical part of your performance can lead to a lull in the evening and everyone at Moseley’s heading for a bathroom break when you perform the routine that you put so much hard work into. My intention is to make you cross your legs, do the pee-pee dance and Hold It!

My problem with song selection is that my musical tastes are quite eclectic. I’m a country fan and that’s a genre that hasn’t been used much with DWTDS.

I like cheesy pop songs. I’m a child of the 80’s, so that entire decade is a possibility. 70’s disco is great to dance to and I know we could create a great routine. Lastly, my mom was a huge oldies fan, so I am as well.

Quite frankly, I’m all over the map. There was also one big caveat--with my lack of dancing experience, I could select a song that might be way too difficult to dance to.

I figured it best to leave the decision to the professional. Sure enough, there were songs on my list that she liked and would match my remedial abilities so we agreed on one. Oh….you won’t find out about it here! Top Secret! I’ll take it to my grave…or at least to Moseley’s on Dec. 8!

Now that the song has been selected, we’ll get to work on choreography next lesson. At the conclusion of the lesson, some of the other pros knew the song we had picked and definitely detected a certain amount of jealousy….and I loved it!

As always, the purpose of DWTDS is to raise money for Dedham’s schools and students. I encourage you to DONATE! Feel free to go to my FaceBook page “Dan-cing for Dedham!!!” and make your pledge!

This week’s Shout Out to a new sponsor goes to Fisherman’s Restaurant…a true hidden gem of Dedham eateries. Located by the Endicott rotary on East Street, you can pop in there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tell them Dan-cing Dan sent you! Keep the donations and sponsorships coming!


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