Diary of a Dan-cer: Remember....It's All for the Kids!

The purpose of DWTDS is to raise money for the Dedham Educational Partnership and Dedham’s schools and students…and the 'Stars' take this responsibility very seriously.


After a few lessons, you start to get the feel of things. Personally, I planned out my schedule each week with regular lessons and I began to look forward to them.

Pardon the pun, but you get into a routine. I knew with each passing lesson, I was getting better. I was becoming *gulp* a dancer.

As I have mentioned in previous Diary entries, dancing is a physical activity. There are the same obstacles as you might find in another new sport or physical activity that you take up….initially, , etc.

Then, as you get more involved, you realize that both strength and stamina could be improved. To make things more challenging, for the first few weeks of practice, I was recovering from a broken finger, so I was somewhat limited in what I could do outside of the studio.

Once fully healed, what did I do? I re-introduced myself to the gym! While I have been a paying gym member for the past several years, like most people, I go sporadically and I hadn’t seen the inside of the place since March, before the Dedham Youth Baseball season began.

Honestly, if they had relocated, I wouldn’t have known. I walk in sheepishly, and I present my ID. Fortunately for me, it was the same ID.

I was legitimately afraid the kid behind the counter would shout to a co-worker, “Hey Sheila, this guy still has one of the old tags! What do I do to check him in?”

I ask if the locker room is still down to the right, and I get a helpful nod and I’m on my way.


Beyond some of the physical aspects of this event, I’d like to put some focus on the fundraising.

After all, the purpose of DWTDS is to raise money for the Dedham Educational Partnership and Dedham’s schools and students…the Stars take this responsibility very seriously.

November is the primary fundraising month for the Dancing Stars of Dedham. I hope you got a chance to go to Korrin Slavin’s wine tasting party!

If not, maybe you got a chance to hit up the Village Manor and see Chad LaMarsh at Laura Kelleher’s fundraising event. Maybe you are planning to head out next weekend to support Andrew Patterson. I’ll let you know if I hear of anything planned for Marcella or Tony! I hope so, on all counts. I want everyone out there to be supporting (at least) one of the Stars!

With that said, I wanted to let you know what I have planned from a fundraising standpoint.

On Sunday, Nov. 18 at Deli After Dark, we’ve got a big Patriots Party planned as the Pats take on the upstart Colts! Doors open at noon. There will be raffle prizes available, including some autographed Patriots gear, as well as some awesome food and drinks from the Deli.

Rumor has it, yours truly and his partner may just give you a sneak peak at our moves. You’ll have to show up to find out!

In addition to the Pats Party at the Deli, I am hosting a “Halfway KICKBACK” event at the Halfway Café in Dedham THIS THURSDAY, Nov. 8th! Here’s the way it works…The Halfway Café will graciously donate 20% of your bill to DWTDS as long as you present a discount coupon.

The coupon is attached to this Blog entry. It is also posted on my FaceBook page (Dan-cing for Dedham!!!) and I can freely distribute and email it out, just so long as I’m not handing them out at the restaurant the night of the event. If you need it, just let me know!

The KICKBACK works on both Dine-In or Take-Out, so you have no excuses…..everyone can grab pizzas to go on Thursday night for dinner and you are helping out Dedham schools (but again, use your voucher). Head out for lunch with co-workers! Stop in for a beer after work! It all counts and it
all goes to DEP!

So, to re-cap, go to The Halfway Café in Dedham this THURSDAY for lunch, dinner, Dine-In, Take-Out, Drinks, whatever….(present your KICKBACK coupon) and you are helping out. Get a group of folks to go! I hope to see you there.

Also, put Sunday Nov. 18th on your calendars for Deli After Dark and the Pats game! I hope you guys are having as much fun on this ride as I am!


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