Dedham Resident Liz O'Donnell Publishes Book For, About Working Parents

The book, "Mogul, Mom, & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman" focuses on how women are balancing home life and their careers.

Dedham resident and author Liz O'Donnell. Photo Credit: Sean Browne
Dedham resident and author Liz O'Donnell. Photo Credit: Sean Browne

Parenting can be a full-time job. But parents who have full-time careers on top of raising children can sometimes feel as though they have double-duty of sorts.

Focusing on the pressures of balancing careers and parenting is the essence of a new book written and published by Dedham resident and native Liz O'Donnell. 

Titled "Mogul, Mom, & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman", the book focuses on how women are balancing home life and their careers, something O'Donnell felt was a topic that needed a bit of a spotlight. 

"It's all about working mothers," O'Donnell said. "And what drove me to write it was listening to friends talk about how much they do at home, realizing that one of the biggest career obstacles that working mothers face is at the home and not in the office."

Raising children and working a full-time career can bring with it a fair amount of stress, and can sometimes make those working parents feel overwhelmed, O'Donnell said. 

In her book, she takes statistics and tells the stories of women in America who are juggling careers, motherhood, marriage and households, and also looks at the choices women are making, the options they have, and the impact these decisions have, according to O'Donnell's website.

"It got me thinking about that, if we're so busy doing it all, how the heck are we supposed to have it all?" she said. "It's a business book, written to show companies the life of working mothers so they can shift somewhat to accommodate working parents."

Her first book, O'Donnell has been speaking at various events to help promote the book, the first she's published, and one that she calls half a business book.

"The other half is what I call a girlfriend book," she said. "I interviewed 100 women from all over the country. They find themselves in different stories and relate to different stories."

O'Donnell hosted a book-signing and discussion last Tuesday at the Paradise Cafe in Dedham Square; about 15-20 people attended the talk. She will be speaking in North Easton on Thursday, Jan. 16 before making stops to Concord, New Hampshire and Emerson College. Find her schedule of speaking events here.

To learn more about O'Donnell and the book, visit her website at mogulmommaid.com or buy the book on Amazon.com

Fans can also follow O'Donnell on Facebook and Twitter @Hello_Ladies.


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