Dedham Police Announce Franklin Line Railway Safety Blitz

By Ron Pucci, Dedham Police, School Resource Officer


The Dedham Police would like to announce their participation in the Franklin Line Safety Blitz this upcoming weekend.  The MBTA and all towns to which the Franklin Line runs ( Dedham to Franklin )have partnered up to add extra enforcement on all railways from October 14th-16th.  The Dedham Police would like all members of the community to be aware of the General Laws pertaining to railways:

Chapter 160 Section 218 Railroads

Whoever Knowingly, without right is present, stands, walks, or rides a bicycle, snow vehicle, recreational or other vehicle on the right-of-way, bridge, or other property of, or used or controlled by any railroad corporation, except at a highway or other authorized grade crossing and except on rights-of-way formally abandoned pursuant to state or federal law and no longer owned by said railroad coporation or rights-of-way owned by said railroad corporation but which have been converted or leased specifically for use as a bicycle or walking path in accordance with state or federal laws, shall be fined $100 or shall be required to perform a total of 50 hours of community service which may include service in the operation lifesaver program, so-called.  Any person violating this section may be arrested without a warrant by any police officer, including railroad police, and proceeded against according to law.

The Dedham Police are hoping to increase awareness of the dangers of being
on the railways especially among our youths.  

Hopefully all who read this article can spread the information to the younger members of the community and remind them of the potential safety risk of being on the train tracks as well as the legal results to being present on the railways.


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