Charlie Masison a True ‘Gem’ in Foxborough Community

Foxborough’s Board of Selectmen recognized Masison for his 11 years of service at Foxboro Cable Access and longtime involvement in the community with a gold microphone at Tuesday's meeting.

For the past 11 years, Charlie Masison has brought residents “behind the scenes” of many local operations in Foxborough as the host of his own Foxboro Cable Access TV program that produced over 600 episodes.

The Masison era came to an end last month when the local TV personality hosted his last episode of “Behind the Scenes” on Foxboro Cable Access. On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen took a moment to honor Masison for all he has accomplished during his 11 years on air and extended the recognition to his involvement within the community.

“From time to time and probably not as often as we should, we like to recognize people who have stood out throughout the years in Foxborough,” Board of Selectmen chair James DeVellis said Tuesday. “And certainly with the completion of the Charlie Masison show, “Behind the Scenes,” we wanted to say thank you.”

Selectman Lynda Walsh expressed gratefulness for Masison’s show over the past 11 years.

“[Masison's] done it all,” Walsh said. “I’m so grateful for being able to turn on the TV set and learn things that happen behind the scenes and the walk along with [him] throughout these past 11 years has been wonderful. … [He’s] always been one of our special gems of Foxborough.”

Other selectmen recalled their own experiences on Masison’s cable access show.

“[Charlie’s show] was the first time I ever sat in front of a television camera,” Selectman Lorraine Brue said. “It was great to be able to sit with [Masison]. It was a great experience.”

Said selectman Mark Sullivan: “Your start in this town is when you get on the Charlie Masison show.”

Said DeVellis: “I was on [Masison’s] show and brought about 12 kids on the show and it was a blast. Kids still talk about it.”

Masison said having local political candidates on his program was important to him because of its benefit to the community.

“One thing that was important to the show in my mind was letting anyone who was running for office come on,” Masison said. “From our talking back and forth people got a pretty good view of who the [candidate] was.”

Brue agreed.

“I appreciate that [Masison did] that for so many candidates over the years because it is to the benefit of the town to get to know us.”

In addition to hosting “Behind the Scenes” for 11 years, Masison served as Foxborough selectman from 1999-2002 and has been sought for advice from time to time by current members of the board.

“I’ve actually called Charlie for some advice on issues,” Sullivan said. “He’s given some good dialogue and it’s always been an honor to be on his show. He will surely be missed.”

DeVellis echoed Sullivan’s sentiments.

“I’ve also had a lot of one-on-ones with [Masison] and [he’s] given me some good guidance and direction.”

After thanking Masison for his service and dedication to the community, the board presented one of Foxborough’s famous faces with a granite broadcast microphone stand holding a gold microphone. You can view the photo here.

“Foxborough is still a small town and still a little hokey, but we got you something,” DeVellis said to Masison before presenting him with the granite microphone stand.

Masison, who beamed with appreciation and pride while accepting the gift, considered the gift anything but "hokey."

Masison’s show focused primarily on the dealings of Foxborough and its residents. While Masison has retired from the program, his legacy will live on through the 641 episodes he hosted.

“[Masison] has left a trail of incredible history and a library of work that is on file with Foxboro Cable Access,” DeVellis said.

A Message to Masison from Foxborough's Board of Selectmen

DeVellis read the following message to Masison on behalf of the BOS:

"We, the Foxborough Board of Selectmen, would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Charlie Masison for his service and dedication to the town of Foxborough. In 2001, Charlie became one of Foxborough’s famous faces when his television show, “Behind the Scenes,” first aired on Foxboro Cable Access. Over the past 11 years, almost 600 shows were filmed and Behind the Scenes went on to become the longest, continually run series in the history of Foxboro Cable Access. An era ended when the last show aired in September 2012.

"In addition to his years as host of his own local cable access television show, Charlie served as Foxborough selectman from May 1999 to May 2002. Charlie has also donated much of his time to the town as he has served on various other boards and committees. The Board of Selectmen and the residents of the town of Foxborough would like to offer our sincerest appreciation and thanks to Charlie Masison for his service to the community and a job well done."


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