Author Nate Ball Visits the Riverdale and Avery Schools

Ball is the author of the children's series "Alien in My Pocket."

Author Nate Ball. Credit: Ingrid Mayyasi
Author Nate Ball. Credit: Ingrid Mayyasi

Editor's Note: The following was submitted to Dedham Patch by Riverdale School Librarian Ingrid Mayyasi. 

Thanks to the Blue Bunny Bookstore, students in grades 2-4 at the Avery and  Riverdale Schools were treated to a visit by the author and science educator, Nate Ball. 

Mr. Ball is well known for his work on the Emmy award winning and PBS reality shows Design Squad and Design Squad Nation. It was particularly exciting for Mr. Ball to visit on the day that his first two books were published. "Blast Off!" and "The Science Unfair" are the first two books in this new series Alien in My Pocket. 

Mr. Ball started by telling students about some of his science experiments as a kid. In every case he read to learn more and then one step at a time worked to make the experiment successful. Students at both schools enjoyed hearing Mr. Ball read from his new book about an alien coming to earth. The alien needs to fix his rocket to get back to his planet. Students and Mr. Ball had a conversation about how rockets work and he then made a rocket out of a soda bottle and duct tape. It was very exciting when the rocket was launched. Students were most impressed when he ended his visit by beatboxing for them.

Mr. Ball signed copies of his books and they are both available at the Blue Bunny Bookstore. Many thanks to the Blue Bunny for providing this program that was enjoyed by so many students.


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