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Eldoria:  A Step through the Thicket
Eldoria: A Step through the Thicket

For parents of young fantasy fiction enthusiasts everywhere, there is a new local author on the scene hoping that readers aged 9-12 (and older) will consider checking out her new ebook series, Eldoria. A long-time resident of Norwood, Michele Bussiere has created a six-volume series recounting the adventures of Morgan Campbell, a teenage girl from America who quite by accident one day discovers her family’s true heritage. She is one in a long line of witches and wizards inhabiting a mystical Scottish island inhabited solely by people and creatures of magic, many of whom join forces with Morgan to save the island from inevitable disaster at the hands of her own grandfather. Along the way, Morgan discovers young love in the form of Quinn Ramsey, a teenage boy who runs the island orphanage, as well as a unique bond with her own mother, a magical healer who teaches Morgan how to use her skills and gifts to offer a brighter future for her beloved homeland. The first novel in this series, titled A Step through the Thicket, is now available for purchase on both Amazon’s Kindle, as well as Barnes & Noble’s Nook.


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