When is someone going to correct the problems with the new construction in Dedham Square? First: The handicap parking space is not usable. Second: Traveling in and around the square without the extra lanes we used to have, is really difficult. When?????

Gary Roberts January 01, 2014 at 06:38 PM
I agree. Parking in the HP spots is hazardous. They're provided but getting out into traffic is taking your life into your hands, or at least taking your car door off it's hinges. Someone said "we have to have HP spots so let's just drop them here and there" without thinking about it. So I can park in front of the Post Office but I have to walk in the street to get to the curb cut when the snow is piled high, hope cars will watch for me when I get slowly out of my car, etc. More HP spots on the side streets would have made more sense to me. Oh, if you try to come to the square with a wheelchair or scooter in a van, don't bother. The parking is atrocious and navigating the sidewalks is a guess when people put signs and balloons and whatnot from stores out into the the sidewalk space. Did I happen to mention that bricks are dangerous to people walking with canes? That the BoS were informed of this way before the construction? That I often walk with a cane and that I usually walk outside of those new crosswalks because I usually catch either my cane or my left foot in the crosswalk cracks? Appearance was thought of first and accessibility second when the Square was reconstructed.


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