Cheryl Kerr – Go Big or Go Home!

Cheryl Kerr. Credit: submitted
Cheryl Kerr. Credit: submitted
Submitted by Suzie Hurley Friday 

Every year there is one dancer that makes you keep your eyes on the dance floor. There will not be a line at the bar during Cheryl Kerr’s performance this year.

I overheard Cheryl’s partner, Kemar Bennett, tell her, “You are taking your time to say yes to me.” The hours of practice are paying off. When Cheryl was finally able to find a costume that would work with her Go Big or Go Home dance style, she showed her partner her choice.

Kemar told us that Cheryl had, unknowingly, picked the current world champions of dance costume. Of course she did.Dancing with the Dedham Stars requires not just a big physical commitment from all the dancers, but time and energy for fundraising, party planning, and publicity. Some of the dancers will excel at fundraising and publicity, but some can dance.

Cheryl Kerr can dance.

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